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Explore flexible pricing options tailored to fit the needs and budget of your company. Whether you are looking for ongoing support, a one-time project, or a performance-based partnership, I have a plan that works for you.

Pay Per Hour

  • Rate: £40 per hour

  • Ideal for small tasks or when you need expertise on a flexible basis.

  • Only pay for the hours you need with no minimum commitment.

Project Rates

  • Contact for custom quote

  • Suitable for specific projects with defined scopes and timelines.

  • Get a custom quote based on the project details, complexity, and expected duration.

Capped Monthly Rate

  • Rate: £40 per hour

  • Ongoing retainer.

  • Know exactly how much you're spending each month.


  • Contact for performance-based pricing

  • Aligns directly with your marketing success.

  • Pay only for the leads generated from the campaigns, making it ideal for results-focused clients.

Associate CIM

As an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), I bring a range of benefits and extensive expertise to offer you and your company. 

The Chartered Institute of Marketing is the world’s largest organisation for professional marketers. It plays a key role in setting industry standards, and offers also offers accredited qualifications.

Through my membership and their resources, I stay updated with the latest marketing trends, best practices and emerging strategies.

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